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Perhaps we’ll meet again when we’re better for each other.

Ten Word Poem #6 (via vfilthy)

Ten Word Poem #6 (via vfilthy)

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I got dry blood caked on my feet 

I got dye and dirt all over me 

I got twelve bucks, got ciggies 

But I’ve had good luck and I’m happy 

You woke me up before your plane left 

I helped you find your stuff, you kissed my forehead 

We trashed my room, broke my bed 

But I’ve had good luck and I’m happy. 

d*cks fly together

Going back to the start, again.

Anonymous asked: How did you get through your relationship ending after all that time? X

I didn’t really. I still miss her every day, but I guess if there’s no way to go back, all you can do is move forward.

Title: Deadliest Catch Artist: Lower Than Atlantis 523 plays


Deadliest Catch - Lower Than Atlantis

"I know I know they say there’s plenty more fish in the sea.
But that’s girls the best catch in 50,000 leagues.”

Going to win a boat

Obviously at the casino wi @pillism

Beer pong with bouncy balls. Rockstar guava and Smirnoff. Let’s get weird

The Pure Blondes are out


It begins

Just a bloke bedding down like. Strong makeshift sofa bed.

Another non stop eventful day at work. No marquees today.


Happy hour sunset at the Casino with bbygrl @pillism